Youth conference is event, where you can hear Biblical teachings, seminars, talkshow, be part of worships or workshops and enjoy time with others.


Nové sady 37,
Brno 602 00


1. - 3. February 2024
(Thursday to Saturday)


You can look forward to those speakers and musicians!


You can look forward to this:

Opening registration

Building will be opened. You can register and rest in chill-out zone after long trip.

Evening program

Worship: Brno team

Preaching: Dominik Koubek

Chill-out, games, hangout

Hangout, tablegames, bistro, atd...


Building will be opened. You can register, rest in chill-out zone or buy something in bistro.

Morning program

Worship: Jihlava team

Preaching: Filip Rešetár

Lunch pause

Special afternoon program

(take warm clothes - we will go together outside to have worship time)

Worship: Jan Krištof a Viktor Berdan

Talks: Lady Zika a Beny Šenigl


Seminars part č. 1

(you can choose)

Seminar: Missionally opened youth (KAM)

Seminar: Depression/Anxiety (Martina Žáková)

Seminar: Freedom (Michal Vaněk)

Dinner pause

Evening program

Concert: Ify Nsoha and friends

Testimony: Lucka Krištof

Preaching: Beny Šenigl


Building will be opened. You can register, rest in chill-out zone or buy something in bistro.

Morning program

Worship: Milovice tým

Preaching: Petr Petrášek

Lunch pause


Topic: Sharing life with others

Guest: Lady Zika

Moderator: Dominik Koubek


Seminars part č. 2

(you can choose)

Seminar: Share God with your generation (Jakub Novosád)

Seminar: Relationships, dating, sexuality (Tomáš Šimko)

Seminar: Live to give (Jirka Šenigl)

Dinner pause

Ending program

Worship: Bratislava tým

Preaching: Janette Oubrechtová

Where exactly?

Exactly here:

Place of
Slovo Života Brno

  • Only 10 minutes of walk from the main train station or from Regiojet station.

  • Parking is possible at the conference place.


  • Youth conference is for young people between 13 and 25 years old. If you are more than 25 years old, you can join the support team.

  • Sleeping place is at christian school ZŠ a MŠ Jana Husa. The address is Šujanovo náměstí 356/1, 602 00 Brno-střed-Trnitá. It is 1.5 km from the conference place. You will be sleeping in classrooms on ground. Please take your sleeping bag and sleeping pad. It is possible to sleep also from Saturday to Sunday.

    Normally at 10pm we leave as a group together to the sleeping place. In the morning there is specific time until you need to leave the sleeping place so we could lock it. More info will be at the conference.

    Speaker 1
  • Food is not included in the youth conference charge. In program there is free-time when you can go with your friends do McDonald, Billa or some another food in the city center. However there will be conference's bistro where you can buy hotdog, toast or something good to drink.

  • You can support us by prayer or financially. More about how you can support us is in section Support. Thank you!

  • Normally you can park at the place for free, but it is needed to take ticket at the entry and take it to registration and they will confirm it with stamp. Then you will show this ticket at the exit while leaving parking place. If anything connected to parking would change we would let you know.


The sooner the better price!

100 Kč
  • When paying after 31.12.2023
  • Payment by bank transfer or in cash at the coference
300 Kč
  • When paying after 31.12.2023
  • Payment by bank transfer or in cash at the coference


Prayers are important part of everything that God is doing, so it is also important part of this youth conference!

Does not matter if you are attending the conference or not, even now you can be part of the prayer team, that is preparing the conference. What you can pray for:
• so that we would find good quality worship teams and worship bands
• for speakers, that we ask to speak at this conference, that they would come and share God's word, that God wants to tell young people in this nation
• for financial coverage of costs
• so that young people, that are going to come to the conference, would have prepared hearts for touch of God
• for God's guidance and protection of preparing conference and conference itself
• for everything else, that God would show you that is needed


We will be grateful for any financial donation that you can contribute to cover the costs of the conference. With your money, you can be a part of God's work and a blessing to praise teams, speakers and other servants, because we will be able to contribute to the expenses they had to travel to and from the conference, or to buy materials for workshops. Thank you

You can send your financial donation to:
Account number: 2300891545/2010 (Fio banka)
Variable symbol: 2024


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!


„To encourage every young Christian to have a true relationship with Jesus, which will then reflect not only in his life, but also influence the world in which he lives.“


• 2009 – first youth conference in Brno
• 2010 – Chyť Boží vizi (Catch God's vision)
• 2011 – Probouzí se spící obr (The sleeping giant is waking up)
• 2012 – ON! (HE!)
• 2013 – S Ním (With Him)
• 2014 – To be Continued?
• 2016 – Na cestě (On a journey)
• 2017 – Do světla (Into the light)
• 2018 – ŽIVOT, ne smrt (LIFE, not death)
• 2019 – RESTART
• 2020 – Otevři své srdce (Open your heart)
• 2022 – Obdarovaný (Gifted)
• 2023 – Odvážný/Odvážná (Brave)


God gave us a vision to make Word of Life and Way of Life a Christian youth conference and it took five years to make that vision a reality. For five years we prayed, talked to the people around us about what God had put on our hearts, and then the time came when in 2009 the first annual conference was held with the vision of encouraging every young Christian to have a true relationship with Jesus, who then it will reflect not only in his life, but also affect the world in which he lives. Over the following years, other people joined this vision and gradually the conference took place in 2009.

Over the years we have had the opportunity to meet, pray, praise Jesus, study God's word and spend time with hundreds of young people. Today, some of them are the ones who are in charge of the conference, or organize it. A number of bands from the Czech Republic and abroad performed at the conference, many speakers took turns, all thanks to the fact that those whom God calls were willing to hear his voice, grasp the vision that God gives them, and together with him in faith go.

The conference is intended for young people aged 13 to 25. But if you are over 25 years old, you can join the organizational or technical team.